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Tobias Dostal (Group Show)


17.03.2016 – 18.03.2015

Offene Präsentation der Finalisten des Karl Schmidt-Ruttluff Stipendiums.

Timo Klöppel

Tel Aviv Article featuring Timo Klöppel ! (Article/PDF)


Su Hwan Choi

Su Hwan Choi, Zwei Türen (Event)


A city is made up of different spaces and places that can affect a person's point of view. In his exhibition "Zwei Türen" (Two Doors) at KWADRAT Gallery, South Korean born Su Hwan Choi explores his personal perspectives on new cultural spaces and places. Choi describes his work as follows:

"The scenery outside windows, the atmosphere of cellars, the various scenes that you only see when you walk to the front door - buildings, roads, small streets, cars, construction sites, the many works of art in museums - these are the everyday elements that I sometimes find alienating. I aimed to render this feeling of alienation for the viewer using sound, light, magnets, movements, changes in weather and dust. These effects are used in the room to unsettle the audience's perspectives."

Tobias Dostal

Drei Dollars plus fünf Euros (Event)


A catalogue documenting the work of Tobias Dostal's New York stipend.

After returning from New York, Tobias presented his works in 2014 in the mission of the state of Lower Saxony to the federal government in Berlin, and at the Kunstverein Langenhagen. The present catalogue documents both exhibitions.

Dostal's catalogue is interactive. As well as enjoying photos and illustrations of Dostal's work, the reader is encouraged to cut, snip and alter certain pages, creating a more immersive reading experience.

Copies and exclusive signed copies will be available at the presentation, as well as an intimate exhibition of some of Dostal's work.