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Su Hwan Choi

Su Hwan Choi (Group Show)

Busan Biennale


❑ artist bio

Choi Suhwan is born in 1979 in Changwon, lives and works in Changwon. He has Meisterschüler degree in 2014 and MA in 2012 in Sculpture from Berlin University of the Arts after he received BA in Sculpture from Changwon National University in 2006. Starting with his first solo exhibition Installation(2009) in Germany, he has shown sculpture based installations through many solo and group shows including: Two Doors(2015), Together-Alone(2017), Shows of the Disbelievers(2018), Post-Community ing/1(2019), etc.

❑ introduction

Choi Suhwan has created works that realize virtual spaces by linking strange landscape images captured from unfamiliar cities via linking interior of buildings like hallway, gate, and terrace while utilizing various mediums such as photograph, animated images, installation, etc. This reflects his continuing interests in multi-dimensional spaces that accumulate times, endless stories, questions that urban spaces raise such as the relations between individuals and the society, unconsciousness of the city, memories of present and the past, floating senses, etc. New Neighbor(2016) and Two Doors(2015), for clear examples, are sculptural memorabilia of his old hometown, Hoewon-dong made out of household items, window frames, old doors he scavenged from the evicted houses when they were was about to be leveled in order for redevelopment plan. Marginal Man(2018) is a virtual space created in the form of room installation with collection of space images that resemble to each other due to their functional similarity but slightly different depending on countries or cultures. And March(2018) presents his boot during his military service to repeatedly march in the middle of air against the backdrop of downtown scenery to show the perspective of military boot.

Sky Door (2019) succeeds in the concepts of Two Doors and Together-Alone(2017) and it will be presented as newly adapted version to the context of 2019 Sea Art Festival. This work is composed of two simple structures made of only columns except doors on each one making their four sides open wide. Fixed on top of the other, two doors of the structure either open or close simultaneously depending on the movement of the audience. It is the structure itself that makes its audience to recognize and question themselves about the additional space since audience may enter the structure on the ground floor while they cannot either enter or open the door of the second floor. Through the double spaces stacked one on top, the artist suggests metaphorical times of the real, present, past and future. The artist realizes ‘pattern of life’ in which we repeat opening and closing doors endlessly while past that we cannot go back since it already has passed and the future that we can never predict because it has not yet happen are connected by the present.